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Detecting the Cause of Odor

Have you ever walked into your home after a long day at work only to be met with a wretched stench? It happens sometimes. But, the number one focus should be finding the cause. Rather than covering up a smell with fresh air, candles, and room sprays eliminating the source with home cleaning services in Fort Myers FL is the most effective treatment.


First things first, start with the simplest option. If the trash has been sitting in your home, take and out. By eliminating possible sources you’ll get closer to the actual cause.


Talk a walk around the house. Where is the smell strongest? Even if there is no visible cause, trust your nose – there may be something behind your walls or under your carpet.


Are your forms of ventilation blocked? If so, they need to be cleaned out so that they can function properly. This should help remove some of the current odor and prevent it in the future.


If the smell is wet and mildewy and just won’t go away, you need to consider mold. Having our professionals come in to conduct a mold test can help determine if that is, in fact, your problem. And, we can help you from there.

Do You Need Home Cleaning Services in Fort Myers FL?

From ozone treatments to deep cleaning and disinfection, FP Property Restoration’s team of experts examines your situation to come up with the best plan of action. So, if your home is smelling less than great, contact us today!