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Health Risks from Flood Damage

At first glance, the thought of flood damage in Sarasota is water. But, there’s more to flood damage than removing the water. If not taken care of properly, flood damage can be a risk to your health. Keep reading to learn more:

What is Flood Damage?

Flood damage comes at varying levels. If you’ve recently had heavy rains, flooding can leave your home wet, weakened, and unlivable. Plus, it can cause other issues, like mold.

Weakened Infrastructures

If you’re walking around soaked ceilings and floors, you are putting your safety at risk. Structural drying and repair are essential to ensure that your home remains sturdy and safe.

Mold ReactionsPlastering wall affected by water damage

Even long after the water is cleared, mold can develop. While not all mold is toxic, you and your family can experience severe allergic reactions. And, those with asthma and other breathing conditions can really feel the effect.

Bug Infestations

With standing water comes bugs. These bugs can come with germs and diseases that you don’t want to interact with your family. That is why water removal is so necessary.

Fire Risks

When you have water damage and a compromised infrastructure, you’re not only putting yourself at risk for water-related damages. In fact, you are risking a fire. Flammable machines and material may be impacted.

Do You Have Flood Damage in Sarasota?

Over time, flood damage in Sarasota can result in a lot more than the initial damage. If you have flood damage, don’t hesitate to contact us at FP Property Restoration to learn more about our services.