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What You Need to Know About Bathroom Mold

Unfortunately, bathroom mold is extremely common. If you haven’t experienced mold growth in your bathroom at one point or another, you probably are not looking deep enough into the corners of your bathroom. Here are a few bathroom mold facts that you should be aware of. If your home has been taken over by mold in Fort Myers, contact us today.

Common Causes of Mold in Your Bathroom

Some common reasons bathroom mold occurs are: 

Identifying Mold in Your Bathroom 

Unfortunately, bathroom mold is often hidden and is not obvious to the untrained eye. If you think your bathroom might have mold, check out hidden areas, such as under sinks, bath fixtures, around exhaust fans, or crawl spaces. 

Preventing Bathroom Mold Mold spores

There are a few ways to prevent bathroom mold from developing, such as: 

  • If your bathroom has a ventilation fan use it when showering or bathing, and 30 minutes after
  • Keep your household humidity levels under 50%
  • Invest in a mildew resistant shower curtain 

Does Your Home Have Mold in Fort Myers? 

Does your bathroom have mold? The most effective way to stop mold once and for all is by hiring a professional. Don’t wait to remove mold from your home. Whether it’s Aspergillus or black mold, you don’t want those spores lingering where you and your family live. So, if you’ve found mold in Fort Myers, contact us to learn more about our services! Don’t put your family’s health at risk any longer!