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A Basic Guide of Flood Damage Repairs

The impact of flooding is not something that most homeowners really expect to have to deal with, but the fact remains that tens of thousands of homes are flooded every year across the US. In Tallahassee, your home could experience flood damage from any number of reasons, ranging from regional flooding to flash floods in your immediate area and more. Knowing how to deal with flood damage is important.

1. You Need a Professional
While minor water damage can usually be handled by homeowners, major flood damage is not something that you should attempt to repair on your own. You need a professional to come in, assess the damage, and help you plot a course to return your home to a livable state.

2. Don’t Stay in the Home
In many instances, flood damage will mean that you need to find a temporary place to stay away from home. This is particularly true if the flooding was significant, and involved the incursion of water from outside the home, including backed up sewers. There can be serious health risks present from pathogens carried in by flood waters.

3. Call Your Insurance Company
Once you have contacted a professional to help you deal with the flood damage, you need to let your insurance company know about the situation. Even if you do not have flood insurance, you’ll need to alert your insurer, as the flood damage could cause your policy to change.

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