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How to Choose the Right Mold Removal Company

Have you noticed mold growing in your Tallahassee home? If so, you might be tempted to just let it go, particularly if it’s in the basement or a bathroom. However, that’s the wrong strategy. While some mold is harmless, some can be dangerous for your health. It’s also unsightly, and can damage your home’s structural elements. Working with the right mold removal company will help you find the solution, but how do you choose the right firm?

Mold Testing
Make sure that any mold removal company that you are considering offers professional, modern mold testing. This is important to determine the type of mold that has infiltrated your home, and will speak to the remediation methods needed.

Mold Inspection
Another important consideration when choosing a mold removal company is to make sure that they offer a full, professional mold inspection. This is vital for determining the extent of mold infiltration and will play a vital role in determining the total cost to you, as well as the exact steps needed in remediation.

Leak Repair
Unless your Tallahassee home has experienced flooding, then the mold growth is related to a water leak somewhere. It’s vital that the mold removal company you choose is able to locate the leak and repair it, whether it’s from a water pipe, in an exterior wall, or is from damage to your roof.

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