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Why Is Mold Testing Important?

Your Tallahassee home should be a safe and secure haven against the threats in the wider world. The problem is that it might actually harbor a silent threat – mold. This biological threat can lurk behind the sheetrock in your walls, in your ceiling, in your floors, and in many other places. Mold testing is important for helping to ensure that mold growth is identified and eliminated, and then the underlying water leak is addressed.

Do You Need Mold Testing?
Think your home in Tallahassee is safe from mold because you do not see any obvious signs of mold growth? Perhaps you believe that a little mold is fine, or that other growths, such as mildew, are not indicative of a problem. The truth is that mold is present in all homes to one degree or another, but it can be hard to spot, even in heavier concentrations. Mold testing can alert you to the presence of mold in:

  • The air: Mold testing can detect spores in the air that you and your family are breathing.
  • Surfaces: Mold testing can detect mold spores on surfaces within your home, such as countertops.

Should you have mold testing performed? If you are experiencing allergy-like symptoms, such as headaches, a runny nose, or chronic coughing, then a mold test could help you pinpoint the underlying problem. Additionally, if you smell mold, or have seen signs that you think might be mold growth within your home, mold testing is the vital next step.

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