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Water damage

Common Types Of Water Damage Repair In Tallahassee

Have you experienced flooding in your Tallahassee home? Perhaps a pipe burst and flooded the interior. Maybe heavy rainfall led to flash flooding that entered your home. Whatever the case, once the waters have receded, you’ll need to consider water damage repairs. While each situation is unique, there are some common repairs that you’ll likely need to think about.

Carpet and Pad Removal

One of the most common types of water damage repairs performed is the removal of wet carpet and padding. In some instances, carpeting can be dried successfully, although it can require time and the use of industrial vacuums. However, in some instances, it may be more affordable to simply replace aging, soaked carpeting.


Perhaps the single most common type of water damage repairs to Tallahassee homes is the replacement of drywall. Sheetrock does not hold up well to inundation, and even a small water leak can lead to serious damage and the growth of mold. If the mold cannot be remediated, the sheetrock will need to be replaced.

Roof Replacement

If the water leak into your home was caused not by flooding, but by a leak in your roof, you’ll need to have the leak located and then repaired. In some instances, this might require little more than replacing damaged shingles, but it may require the replacement of part of your roof. If the roof is old, a full roof replacement might be needed.

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