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Mold growing on wall and door

The Signs of Mold in Your Home

Even the cleanest of homes are not immune to mold. The damp air in Cape Coral makes it an especially fertile breeding ground for mold because mold just needs a small amount of moisture to make an area its home. Black mold or even mold, in general, can pose a danger to a home’s inhabitants, so identifying it early is important.

How to Spot Mold

Mold will reveal itself through either visible signs or through an odor. The odor has a distinctive musty tinge to it. Even if you sniff a faint odor, don’t hesitate to investigate. This may help you catch it early on before it becomes a larger scale problem.

When mold is seen, it is typically white, black, or greenish. It can be tempting to get rid of the mold you see and then assume the job is done, but this would be unwise. This is because a little bit of mold tells you your home has the right conditions for the proliferation of mold in other areas.

Another way to spot mold, in general, is to “see” it before it appears. Identify any water leaks, even very small ones, and take care of them immediately. The longer they are allowed to drip, the more moisture and therefore the more mold will start to grow.

In Cape Coral, FP Property Restoration has professional grade cleaners and everything else necessary to thoroughly, and safely, remediate mold. Connect with them via phone at (888) 408-2335 or online at FPRestoration.com.