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How Often You Should Clean Carpet

Changing our sheets, washing our laundry, and wiping down your counters seems so routine. But, why don’t we think about our carpets that way? Whether it’s a part of home repair or just a routine part of your home cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning can do so much good for the health of your home. Keep reading to learn more about home cleaning services in Fort Myers FL:

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

For your weekly cleaning, your vacuum cleaner should be your best friend. Twice a week for about 15 to 20 minutes, vacuuming can get upwards of 80 percent of dry soil and debris out of your carpets. You should also use soap and water to remove any immediate stains. That means you can be picking up a lot of germy items that get caught in carpet, leaving your home and the air around you much cleaner.

When Should I Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning?Cleaning carpet by hand

Nothing beats a professional carpet cleaning. At least once a year, you should have the pros come in for a deep wash that will penetrate your carpet and remove even more bacteria. Just think about everything your shoes are dragging in from outside. You wouldn’t want to let that fester, would you?

Why Do I Need a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

A professional carpet cleaning does a lot more than just clean up. The ability to remove deep pollutants can extend the life of your carpet. So, whether it’s before or after the holidays, or just a routine clean, you should always have a professional carpet cleaning company on call.

Are You in Need of Home Cleaning Services in Fort Myers FL?

From carpet cleanings to fire and flood damage repair, FP Property Restorations has your back. If you need home cleaning services in Fort Myers FL, contact us today to learn more about our services.