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Water damage

Common Signs That You Need Restoration

One of the most common signs that your Tallahassee home is experiencing problems with water is bulging sheetrock. This might be on the ceiling or on a wall, but once the sheetrock is wet, it will begin to bulge and then sag. Eventually, this can lead to a number of other problems, ranging from mold growth to the collapse of the affected area.

Another sign that you have water damage that needs to be repaired is discoloration. Again, this is most common on the ceiling and the walls of your home. If your water pipes are in the ceiling, rather than in the floor, then a pipe leak could be causing your issue. It may also be a roof leak. Mold growth, further discoloration, bulging and sagging, and then collapse can follow.

Finally, you may not see any signs of water damage, but you might smell a dank, damp odor. This is a sign that you have mold growth in your home. Understand that mold will not grow if there is not sufficient moisture, which means mold growth goes hand in hand with water damage.

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