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Why Is Dehumidification Important When You Have Home Water Damage?

Has your Tallahassee home experienced water damage? It might be from a burst pipe, storm damage, a leak in your roof, or from any number of other sources. However, it’s vital that you deal with that damage correctly. One of the most important steps in handling water remediation is dehumidification. Why is it important that dehumidification is provided by the water remediation specialists you choose?

What Is Dehumidification?

First, let’s address what dehumidification is in the first place. It’s really nothing more than removing excess moisture from an environment. In this case, it would be removed from the interior of your home. This creates drier air and speeds the overall drying process along.

Why Is Dehumidification Important?

Why is it so important that you work with a water damage specialist that can offer professional dehumidification? There are several reasons. One of those is that without dehumidification, the environment within your home will remain saturated with moisture. This makes it harder to dry out wall structural members, furniture, carpet, flooring, and other components.

Another reason is that if moisture levels remain high for very long, it makes it very likely that mold will find a foothold. This could be within a wall, inside insulation, in sheetrock, within plywood, and in many other places. Removing excess moisture from the home ensures that mold does not have the environment it needs to thrive.

At FP Property Restoration, we offer dehumidification using advanced equipment capable of speeding the drying time for your home, while eliminating the chance that mold will gain a foothold. We invite you to call us today at (888) 408-2335 for a free assessment.