Moldy wall

How to Spot Mold Growth in Your Home

One of the most insidious threats to your health and that of your family is mold growth within your home. This silent threat is fostered by moisture – even a very small leak can lead to serious mold growth. Not sure how to tell the difference between¬†mold¬†and mildew, or whether what you’re seeing in your Tallahassee home is actually mold? Let’s run through a quick guide.

One of the first things that might alert you to the presence of this unwanted intruder in your home is the smell. Mold creates a dank, musty, damp smell. If you notice this smell, it is a sign that you need to take further action – such as calling in a professional remediation team to perform a full inspection.

Another sign is the presence of dark spots on your walls or ceilings. These often start out as small, round circles, but they can quickly grow to cover large areas. The issue here is that many Tallahassee homeowners assume that because there is only a small amount of mold visible on a wall or on the ceiling, the threat is minor. The problem is that this is likely just a small part of the real infestation. There could be serious growth in areas that you cannot see.

Finally, if you notice any signs of water leaks, whether from a water pipe, from the ceiling, through a damaged window frame, or somewhere else, chances are good that mold has started growing. Immediate action is needed.

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