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Myths About Mold

FP Property Restoration (MRS1208) performs thousands of mold remediation projects and inspections a year. We have seen everything over the years- every type of mold, cause of mold and location of mold. With every project or inspection, our professionals are asked questions that show some common myths about mold that exist today. Here are some of the mold myths or questions we hear?

Can't we just clean the mold up with bleach?

No the bleach is a cleaning agent and may kill the mold on the surface however there are airborne mold spores and in most cases live mold spores in wall cavities and within materials that the bleach won't kill. The mold, over time, will return.

Can anyone remove mold?

No- in the state of Florida mold removal must be performed by a licensed mold remediation professional with the correct insurance policies.

The mold is black, so its black mold correct?

In the 1980s the media had several stories about black mold and its deadly effects on people. The black mold that the media was reporting on was Stachybotrys. This is a specific genus of mold. The color of the mold being black does not mean that the mold is "black mold". The only method to determine the genus of mold is an air quality test and report.

Will this mold make me sick?

There is no doubt mold is not good for anyone. The only person that can determine whether mold is making an individual sick is a licensed medical doctor. With that said we do not recommend being in a mold affected area for any extended amount of time.

There is mold all over my items I should throw them all out, right?

A good mold remediation professional does not need to throw everything out. Mold remediation is a science- one that when performed correctly by an expert will save more items overall.

I bought a mold test at Home Depot it says I have mold can you clean it?

The answer is yes- but the first step is an air quality test. An air quality test is a test performed by a mold assessor and sent to a laboratory that processed the sample and reports back the certified findings so that we can know exactly how much mold is in the air and the types of mold in the air.

Have a mold question? We understand that mold is new to you- do not hesitate to call and ask an FP Property Restoration mold expert your question anytime. We answer our phones 24 hours a day.