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The 3 R's of Commercial Mold Remediation

When you have mold in a commercial building, there’s a lot more at risk than solely your own health. You need to be on top of mold remediation in Venice FL in order to keep your employees healthy. So, if you’re suspicious that mold has made its way into your commercial building, here’s what you need to know:

Does My Building Have Mold?

The tricky thing about detecting mold is that it isn’t always obvious. If you don’t actually see mold, you may smell strong or musty odors. It can be similar to a “wet” smell. You may also notice excessive moisture, like condensation, or dark spots on ceilings and walls. Lastly, if there is excessive humidity hanging around, it should be a cause for concern.


Removal and remediation are different. Professionals must remove the damaged areas before they can remediate mold spores from areas, including the air.

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Remediation is the removal of mold spores. When mold grows, it also lingers in the air. This can make it hard to breathe and can affect allergies, making them more severe. HEPA vacuuming and filtration can restore air quality.


Once the mold is gone, our professionals can start repairing the affected areas. This may include wall damage, carpet damage, and more.

Are You in Need of Mold Remediation in Venice FL?

If you suspect or find mold in your commercial building, do not hesitate to bring in the professionals for mold remediation Venice FL. Contact us at FP Restoration today to learn more about how our services can help restore your building.