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Thermal imaging

What is Thermal Imaging?

Flood damage in Cape Coral no longer needs to wreak havoc on your home for long. Thermal imaging is one type of technology that makes it easier to detect damage in hard-to-see places. Keep reading to learn more:

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is a technique that restoration companies can use to detect sources of moisture. An infrared camera can detect where moisture lies within a home by picking up on different heat waves. From a professional’s point of view, the camera screen shows a rainbow of heat ranges. Cooler colors can represent moisture.

Why is Thermal Imaging Important?

When you have water damage, chances are there is moisture hidden within the walls. But, instead of bringing down walls just to be certain, you can find the exact spots. This allows professionals to target their plan of action. It can also help prevent mold by tackling areas of moisture.

When Is Thermal Imaging Used?Thermal imaging

If you’ve recently experienced heavy rains, flooding, or in-house water damage, a professional will use thermal imaging to check out everything that your eyes can’t see. It can be used after standing water is removed or if you have a leaky roof.

Do I Need to Hire Professionals for Flood Damage?

Flood damage can cause so much damage. And, you may not even realize it. Not only will things get wet, but it can lead to mold and structural damage. So, bringing in the professional is a must.

Do You Have Flood Damage in Cape Coral?

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