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How to Prevent Water Intrusion During a Hurricane

How to Prevent Water Intrusion during a Hurricane?

Hurricanes are no stranger to us in SWFL, and we are quickly approaching the start to hurricane season (June 1st). One of the biggest concerns during hurricane season is water intrusion. Water intrusion is more likely to occur during CAT events, so it is important you prepare accordingly. There are procedures you can put into play before a hurricane strikes that will increase the chances of keeping your residence dry throughout the storm. These include using: sandbags, storm shutters/boards, and a pre-roof inspection.

1.) Sand Bags

At FP Property Restoration we go through over 50,000+ sandbags each hurricane season. The way you can use these in your home would be by using them as abrasives against potential entries to the house. We suggest placing sandbags by doors to the house, sliders, garage doors, etc. Anywhere that water can intrude on the ground level, you may as well put a sandbag as extra force keeping it out.

2.)  StormShutters and Board Ups

Another important part of your pre-hurricane procedure should involve covering up windows at your residence. Many houses in Florida have storm shutters and fittings around the windows so you can hang them. Storm shutters are metal coverings that add extra protection to the windows during the storm. If you do not have storm shutters, it is recommended that you board up plywood onto the windows. This will help protect your windows from flying projectiles during the storm. Standards for hurricane windows are always improving, but extra protection is recommended.

3.) Roof Inspection

This last prep step would involve checking out your roof prior to the storm. You can do this by hopping on the roof or calling out a professional to check it out. This day in age, roof inspections can even be completed by drones. It is a good idea to take a look at your roof prior to the storm to see if there are any areas you should be more concerned about.

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