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Water damage

Water Damage Drying In Fort Myers

Whether it stems from a slow leak in a water pipe over time, from a flooding event, or from the results of the Fort Myers Fire Department putting out a blaze at your home, dealing with water damage is not a simple thing. Here are four tips to help make water damage drying easier on you.

Stop the Source of Water

If the water incursion is still ongoing, turn off your water. If the water damage stems from a leak in your roof, put a temporary fix in place.

Turn Off the Power

In many instances, it might be necessary to turn off the power within your Fort Myers home. Water exposure can lead to electrical shorts, shocks, and even fires.

Time Is of the Essence

Don’t wait to hear from the insurance adjuster. You need to start the process of water damage drying immediately. Every hour that you wait is more time for damage to spread and worsen, and for mold to gain a foothold.

Remove Wet Insulation

One of the most problematic materials to deal with during water damage drying is insulation. If insulation has gotten wet, it should be removed. Once wet, insulation is no longer effective, and it can hold a lot of water for a long time. Remove it, dry the space, then replace it.

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