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How to Recover From Water Damage Quickly

When your home gets hit by a flood, as isn’t uncommon in Fort Myers, the damage to the home can be as shocking as the event itself. However, in many cases, you can still save your home. There are some steps that need to be taken—and quickly— to make the process be both effective and smooth. A professional restorer will have the know how to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

All standing water has to be eliminated. Standing water continues to foster the growth of mold and other things that are bad for your home. The longer it stays, the more mature the organisms get that are threats to your quality of life. Removal of the standing water is the priority. This way, the water damage can be stopped at its source.

Then soft surfaces need to be removed. Water damage is exacerbated when soft surfaces are involved. They absorb the moisture, but to make things worse, they are better at holding in the moisture than harder surfaces. Once they are removed, a critical threat to your Fort Myers home has been eliminated. However, you don’t necessarily have to throw them out. They can be cleaned by hand, and the cleaning process can be boosted by mother nature herself. Leave them out in the sun for around 24 hours. The sun helps kill mold that could otherwise continue to sit inside the fibers of the soft surface.

Regardless of the extent of the water damage, it’s good to contact a professional property restoration company to make sure things are done thoroughly. Reach out to FP Property Restoration today via phone at (888) 408-2335 or online at FPRestoration.com.