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Moldy wall

The Danger Of Black Mold

Mold is all around us, all the time. There is always some amount of mold present in our
homes, and even in the very air we breathe. However, most of this mold is benign. That
is, it causes no ill effects. That’s not the case with black mold. What should Bradenton
homeowners know about this type of mold if they find it within their homes?

First, black mold, often called toxic mold, is not actually toxic. It will not kill you if you
come into contact with it. However, it can cause some serious health conditions, and it
can exacerbate allergies for those who already suffer from them. Some of the more
commonly reported symptoms of exposure to black mold include:

  1.  Headaches
  2. Chronic coughing
  3.  Watery eyes
  4.  Irritation of the nose and throat
  5.  Nausea
  6. Vomiting

Not only is this mold dangerous to human health, but it can be dangerous to your home,
as well. Mold is part of the earth’s decomposition cycle. It colonizes and consumes dead
material. Once it begins to infest porous construction elements in your home, those
must be replaced.

Black mold in the home is generally found in areas where there is plenty of moisture.
For instance, a leaking pipe, or prolonged water seepage from a roof leak can all
encourage this mold to colonize portions of your home.

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