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Signs of a Leak

The Top 10 Signs You Have a Leak

No one likes dealing with leaks. They can be expensive to fix, and may cause extensive water damage to your property. Moreover, waiting to deal with a leak will just end up making any potential water damage increasingly severe. This is why it’s always better to act sooner rather than later if you believe there’s even a chance you have a leak on your hands.

Fortunately, our experienced Tampa restoration company provides leak detection service designed to catch leaks early on and eliminate them at the source. Keep reading to learn the top 10 signs you have a leak, and hire FP Property Restoration today to stop the spread of water damage on your property.

You may be dealing with a water leak if:

  1. Your water bill keeps going up, but you’re not using any more water than usual.
  2. You notice visible water damage on your ceilings, walls, or other parts of your home.
  3. The wallpaper or paint on your walls is wet or has begun to peel.
  4. There is a musty or mildew smell in your house, or you have noticed mold growth, despite an apparent lack of moisture.
  5. Parts of your lawn are wet or overgrown.
  6. The ceilings appear to be sagging or your floors appear to be buckling beneath you.
  7. The area around your sinks, toilets, or tubs is wet or discolored.
  8. There are cracks in your house’s foundation or walls.
  9. Your water pressure is extremely low.
  10. You have turned your home’s water supply off, but your water meter still indicates that water is running.

Remember, regardless of what kind of leak you or dealing with or where it is, our Tampa water damage pros can handle it. In addition to leak detection, we also provide water removal, structural drying, dehumidification, and sewage cleanup. Stop leaks now and prevent flooding and other disasters from affecting your property for years to come by calling FP Property Restoration.

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