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Wildfires in Florida

What Is the Risk of Wildfires in Florida?

Every year across the country, thousands of homes are damaged or destroyed as a result of wildfires. These potentially deadly blazes can break out due to any number of reasons, from arson, to lightning, to downed electrical lines, to a careless pedestrian tossing away a cigarette butt. The potential for such fires is increased depending on where you live, with individuals who make their home in hot, dry climates, or communities built around significant wildland growth facing extra risk.

In the state of Florida, wildfires pose a greater risk during the summer season, when the temperature becomes significantly hotter than normal. The good news for residents of the Tampa area and greater Hillsborough County is that this part of the state is usually at a low to moderate risk for wildfires. Lower humidity levels make it harder for fires to thrive in general, putting much of the humid Gulf Coast at less of a risk for fires overall than hotter, dryer climates across the country. Northeastern Florida tends to face greater wildfire hazards compared to the rest of the state.

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