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Hurricane Preparedness Part 5: How to Prepare for Storm Damage Restoration

In our last blog, we discussed how to stay safe following a hurricane. This week, we’re going to look at what happens when the storm is completely over, and your family is safe and ready to move on. Specifically, we’re going to talk about what we do best: property restoration. In our final blog on hurricane preparedness, we delve into how to plan for storm damage recovery, and the ways professionals like FP Property Restoration help get life back on track. Keep reading to learn how to prepare for damage restoration, and check out our blog for our entire series on hurricane season.

How to Prepare for Storm & Water Damage Restoration

  1. Act quickly: Although it is not easy to jump right back into normal life in the wake of a storm, addressing damage as soon as it is safe to enter your property is key to restoring everything to the best possible condition. Fortunately, our storm damage services include catastrophe response, with wait times as short as 30 minutes, so you can begin restoration ASAP. We’re also available 24/7, so you can contact us as soon as your property is available for access.
  2. Take care of your belongings: The full restoration process cannot begin until you safely remove your belongings from your how, and find a secure place to store any items that were not damaged during the storm. Fortunately, our Bradenton restoration pros will help care for your belongings, even offering a separate division for inventorying, as well as packout and storage service. We also provide contents cleaning, so your possessions can experience the same level of restoration as your home.
  3. Be comprehensive: The truth is that recovering from an event like a hurricane is not an easy process. It may take some time to fully get your property up and running again. Fortunately. FP Property Restoration provides a wide range of services to assist with all your post-storm needs. From comprehensive water damage removal, to temporary repairs to help you get back on your feet, our Bradenton storm restoration experts are here for everything you need. We even offer post-restoration repairs like custom cabinetry building, so your residential or commercial property can fully return to its former self.

Thanks for Learning About Hurrians with FP Property Restoration

From FP Property Restoration to our loyal blog readers and satisfied customers, we want to say thank you for following along with our hurricane season series this past month. We know that hurricanes are not something any homeowner wants to think about, but being prepared ahead of time is an essential part of staying safe and maximizing restoration efforts. Call today to schedule storm or other restoration services, and don’t forget to ask our award-winning team about our quality warranties.

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