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Five Spots Your Business Doesn’t Clean Frequently Enough

You take great pride in keeping your business looking its best. Not only does a clean business entice more customers and keep employees happy, but it also improves safety and keeps everything functioning smoothly. However, while it’s easy to think about floors, countertops, and high-contact areas, many people don’t think about some critical areas where messes and bacteria can hide. Here are four of these areas that you likely aren’t cleaning frequently enough.

Carpets & Cloth Flooring

We tend not to think about the surfaces beneath our feet simply because they’re always there. While we might think that we need to vacuum periodically and occasionally have someone come in to remove some stains (particularly in restaurants with carpet flooring), few people stop to consider just what might be in their carpeting. In addition to bits of food particles that could be embedded deep into the fibers, carpet can also be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and plenty of other things. Likewise, many people don’t realize what they’re tracking in on the bottoms of their feet, and plenty of pathogens like viruses, pollen particles, and more can all be found in carpet. This is where a professional cleaning service can make all the difference—having your carpets both cleaned and disinfected will ensure that these hazards are eliminated and that your carpets look great for your customers again!

Air Ducts

When you read the title of this blog, this very well could have been one of the first things that came to your mind. If we’re being upfront and honest, the overwhelming majority of both home and business owners don’t clean their air ducts often enough, and this could have some side effects. Inside your air ducts, a giant pile of dust and debris could be building up as the days, weeks, and months go by. After several years, the inside of your ducts could be coated with a healthy layer of particles that could be significantly ruining your indoor air quality. To make matters worse, they could also contain buildups of mold, which could result in sickness.

We recommend having your air ducts professionally cleaned every two to three years, and more if you wind up needing your air conditioning or heating equipment more frequently as a part of your business, such as for ice rinks or hot yoga studios that run their equipment almost constantly.

Fume Hood

Do you run a restaurant or business that has some sort of commercial kitchen in it? There’s a good chance you have a fume hood over a stove, range, or grill. This is crucial for helping steam and other exhaust escape from your building, keeping it more comfortable for both employees and customers. However, it isn’t just steam and vapor that escapes—that vapor usually includes small amounts of vaporized grease particles. This grease accumulates in your fume hood itself and even in the ventilation ducts that lead out of your kitchen.

This grease has a significant problem: it is known for catching fire. To stop this, some kitchens have installed a grease trap or filter in their fume hoods. However, all fume hoods and the exhaust ducts that service them need to be cleaned periodically for the safety of your business and your customers.

Dryer Duct

Hotels, laundromats, and any other business that utilizes an industrial-grade laundry facility likely doesn’t clean out the exhaust vent and duct nearly as often as they should. Why do you need it? Dryer lint. While your lint trap is designed to capture and hang on to as much of this gunk and debris as possible, dryer ducts can become caked with lint after a while, and this lint is incredibly flammable. All it takes is so much as a single spark or even just a little bit of lint that got a little too hot and the entire lot of it could be up in flames. Having this area professionally cleaned periodically will keep your business safer, protect your employees, and even help preserve your commercial-grade laundry equipment.

Tile Grout

Tile flooring is revered throughout a wide variety of industries for a number of reasons: it’s incredibly durable, comes in a wide range of colors and styles, and can even be coated to help reduce the possibility of slipping in potentially risky environments like kitchens. Tile is also great because it can be quickly and easily cleaned with a mop, making it extremely easy to wipe down just about every night. However, over time, you may not notice just how dirty the grout, or connecting agent between each tile, has become. Grout is rough, porous, and a great place for dirt, bacteria, and odor-causing debris to hide. And while mopping might do a great job of cleaning off tile surfaces, it does an incredibly poor job cleaning the deeply-engrained stuff out of grout. Professional grout cleaning on the other hand can restore a tile floor to looking brand-new again. We strongly advise all businesses with heavily-used tile floors have their grout cleaned at least once a year to maintain a great-looking facility.

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