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The Difference Between DIY Disinfecting and Professional Services

With COVID-19 starting to show signs of resurgence, disinfecting and proper cleaning is more important now than perhaps it has ever been. It’s extremely unlikely that we’re likely to see another lockdown like the one we have already emerged from, so that means it’s important to take extra precautionary steps to protect both your customers and your employees. Regular disinfecting can do just that, particularly when implemented as a part of your normal cleaning routine.

However, many people are choosing to try and take on their disinfecting needs themselves. While we understand why, we also have seen what can happen when disinfecting isn’t done properly, and the results aren’t good. There are some significant differences between a DIY disinfecting job and a disinfecting service provided by a highly-trained crew of professionals. On this blog, we’ll take a look at these differences and explain why you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to cleanliness.

Missed Spots

The truth is that a professional is going to provide you with a much better quality of cleaning service than the average business can do itself. Most businesses are not staffed with people who are trained to properly disinfect their workspace—most people simply wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe and call it a day. That means they rarely provide their space with the cleaning it needs to be fully and properly cleaned. When something isn’t cleaned properly, it’s easier for germs to spread, and when germs spread, everyone in your company, customers and employees alike, could be at risk.

Professional Equipment

Professional cleaning crews are often equipped with the industrial machines and materials needed to conduct a thorough and truly deep clean. The average business owner likely isn’t going to have these professional materials or machines simply because the investment isn’t really warranted. Some of these machines are expensive, and it’s far better to simply partner up with a vendor who can conduct regular cleaning rather than continue to pay for an expensive machine. This gives you as a business owner a sort of best-of-both-worlds: you get to reap the benefits of high-quality cleaning from commercial-grade equipment without having to bear the brunt of the cost of buying all of the machines and materials to do so.

Less Risk to Workers

Self-cleaning is also a serious risk to the workers and employees who make your business run. Odds are you hired these employees for their skills in a different capacity, not for their ability to clean. Thus, having them continually clean their own areas or attempting to clean their spaces without professional experience is actually putting them at a greater risk. That means spending more time in a potentially contaminated or infected area, and that means greater chances of accidentally becoming infected. With regular professional sanitizing, not only will your employees not have to spend so much time and effort putting themselves at risk, but they’ll also enjoy greater peace of mind as well!

Reduced Costs Over Time

One of the biggest myths about professional disinfecting and sanitizing services is that it is expensive and will drain a ton of money from your business over time. When margins are likely already thin as they are, an extra major expense is likely the last thing a business owner can afford. However, believe it or not, having a professional handle all or even part of your disinfecting and sanitizing needs can actually save you money in the long run. You’ll spend less money on cleaning chemicals, less money on having to continue to pay employees extra hourly wages to take care of added cleaning needs, and more. It also cuts down on employees missing days due to having to battle illnesses, and any business manager or bookkeeper knows just how much money that could save. In total, having regular professional cleaning done for your business could actually save you money while also keeping your guests and employees safer.

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