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Is Your Home a Victim of Hidden Odors?

Hidden odors are an obnoxious and tedious issue for many homeowners to deal with. While nobody wants to deal with a home that smells bad, hidden odors are particularly frustrating particularly because they are, by nature, hidden. Over time, our noses become desensitized to certain smells and eventually we can no longer pick them up in our environment simply because our brain has blocked them out. That’s not necessarily a good thing, because whatever is causing that smell could be ruining your air quality and causing potential health problems.

But how are you supposed to know you have this problem, and if you do, what should you do about it? Our blog explains four signs that you might have an odor issue, and that you should investigate to see if you can do something about it.

You See Visible Signs of Mold

A damp, dark area of your home is extremely prone to mold growth, particularly if it also contains a carbon-based material like drywall, wood, cotton, linens, and much more. However, mold also comes with another problem: it smells horrible. Mold has a characteristically dank, musty smell that’s almost impossible not to notice. However, if you’ve been living in the same place for quite some time and you’ve grown accustomed to it, you may not even realize that the smell is there anymore. If you see signs of mold, you should call a mold remediation team right away, as they’ll help you both tackle the mold infection and the poor-quality air it creates.

Your Home Smells Different After Several Hours Away

If you’re out of the house for something all day long and you return to a home that has some sort of a strange smell that you don’t recognize, or that you’ve smelled before but has gone away almost as quickly as you smelled it, then this is a sign that you have a hidden odor. While you were away, your brain stopped filtering out the smell because it simply wasn’t around you anymore. When you returned home, your brain still wasn’t filtering the smell, and thus you were able to briefly detect it again. However, once your brain has picked this up, it goes to work filtering out the smell again and leaving you comfortable at home.

That being said, the smell hasn’t gone away. Odds are, the source is still very much present in your home, and you need to do something about it to fix it. This is actually quite common in the homes of smokers, who have become so accustomed to the smell of cigarette smoke that they likely don’t even notice that it’s present in their home. However, after being away for several hours, they can quickly pick it up again upon walking back into their home.

Nobody Seems to Want to Go to Your House

Does it seem like nobody ever wants to go over to your house for things? This may not be because your house is small or unappealing—it could be simply because your house smells bad. People would much rather spend their time at a place where their nose won’t be assaulted for hours on end by some sort of a hidden smell you’re unaware of, and in some cases they won’t have the gall to point out to your face. However, if you find that you struggle to get people to attend anything at your home, have a professional investigate and see if you can get to the problem of your hidden odor smell, particularly if either of the previous two conditions we’ve discussed are true as well.

You Occasionally Smell Rotten Eggs or Some Other Foul Smell

While our brains actively filter out some constant smells, there may come a time where you catch a faint whiff of something particularly strong. Things like rotten eggs, cigarette smoke, or even the aforementioned musty smell of mold and mildew. Smelling these things even for one quick second is a sign that you should investigate, particularly because they could be a sign of a serious issue. For example, rotten eggs could be a sign that you have a gas leak, and gas leaks could be fatal if they aren’t addressed quickly.

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