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How Does Professional Sanitizing Work?

With so much going on in the world and businesses everywhere preparing to open their doors to employees and customers once again, it should come as little surprise that business owners and managers are looking for ways to reduce risk and keep their facilities clean. For many, this means booking a professional sanitizing service with the team here at FP Property Restoration. However, when you run a business, inviting a contractor in to perform any work can be a nerve-wracking experience, and you want to make sure you know what is happening and that the crew completing the work is trustworthy. To help, our team will go over a few details regarding our sanitizing services in this blog, including explaining a few of the processes we complete and what you can expect from our visit.

We Dress for the Part

The first thing you should know is that our crew comes equipped to handle your needs, and that means coming dressed for the occasion. And we don’t mean in suits and ties or other formalwear: our crew wears state-of-the-art sanitation and personal protective equipment, often from head to toe. There are two reasons for this: first, we want to keep our crew protected from anything that might be present at the site we are cleaning. Not only do we handle things like bacteria and viruses, but we can also clean out mold spores, sewage, and plenty of other hazards as well. When anything could be present, we want to be prepared for everything. Second, we also want our crew to be able to protect your business and avoid adding any additional outside contamination to the site.

We Use Strong but Safe Chemicals

The second most important aspect to our cleaning services is what materials we use to get the job done. Cleaning is only as good as the chemicals used in the process, so we always make sure we are stocked with a plentiful supply of powerful, effective, and thorough cleaning supplies and materials. However, we also recognize that some chemical substances can be harmful, both to your people and to the furniture and equipment in your office. That’s why we only use things that we know and trust.

Here at FP Property Restoration, we use many of the same chemicals and supplies that hospitals use for their sanitizing purposes. The presence of germs and viruses can be devastating in hospitals, so any cleaning supply used needs to be both reliable and effective. Likewise, hospitals need to be able to turn around quickly, so these materials need to be fast as well. They all leave no harmful residues, they are safe for people and office equipment, and each is dye and fragrance free to protect any of your employees who may have an allergy.

Chemical Application

How do we apply these cleaning chemicals? There are lots of different ways. However, the most effective way to make sure your business is truly clean is to do it by hand. While we do have a number of extended cleaning wands, pressure tanks, and other applicators, many of our team members come armed with a simple spray bottle and cleaning wipes. This allows us to really focus on getting into the smallest spaces. It may take a little longer, but we believe that when it comes to sanitization, it’s better not to cut any corners. And we think the results speak for themselves on that one.

We Target High-Traffic Features & Spaces

When it comes to disinfecting your facility, you might be wondering where you would even begin. It’s such a big job, how could you figure out where to target? Here at FP Property Restoration, we have handled all types of disinfecting jobs, and we have narrowed our process down to a science. Our primary targets are surfaces that receive touch traffic, be it a community item that many people handle or something that maybe only one person might use on a day to day basis.

Community items and spaces are things that may be commonly used throughout the office, including water fountains, office refrigerators, supply closets, and more. Because lots of people will touch or handle these things, they are by far the most likely sources of the spread of disease and infection. Thus, we focus our efforts primarily in these spaces.

However, we can’t understate how important it is to disinfect things that maybe only one person might use every day. Keyboards, mice, office supplies, and even desk surfaces all carry extremely high importance, and they need to be thoroughly disinfected. In these areas in particular, we are extremely meticulous and get into all of the tight corners and small spaces to ensure that your facility is truly deep-cleaned.

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