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A spread of Thanksgiving dinner foods on disposable plates rest on a wooden surface, filling the top of the image

Giving Back With the Harlem Heights Foundation

Giving back to our community is one of our favorite things to do. We’re a local business, and we love meeting our neighbors and helping them out of hard times. During the holiday season, we try to put in extra effort and give back to those who need it the most.

The Heights Foundation Thanksgiving Outreach program is a great organization that we’re proud to help out again this year. Approximately 780 children live in the Harlem Heights community where the family income is 40% below the Lee county average. Due to Covid-19, many families are suffering from unforeseen financial hardships, and Thanksgiving may not be possible to have this year. With more families needing access to food shelters than ever before, our local communities need to step up and help our fellow neighbors. Because families are not able to easily access food banks in the area, The Heights Foundation and The Heights Center organizes the Thanksgiving Outreach programs within the area.

This year, FP Restoration is proud to be donating foods. As a company, we’ve already donated:

● Canned yams= 204 cans
● Corn muffin mix= 240
● Canned mixed vegetables= 150
● Canned peas= 156
● Rice 1lb bags= 360

But the donations don’t stop there! Team FP is still committed to donating more! Our office will be running a food drive where our employees will be bringing in further donations to help those in need. However, we can’t do all of this on our own, and we need your support!

The center is still needing donations of other Thanksgiving items. If you’re able to donate, please contact the Heights Foundation directly. If this sounds like a mission you’d like to support, please check out the foundation’s website. You can also make a direct financial donation by clicking here.