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Interior Leaks

Top Signs of an Interior Leak

Leaks: every homeowner has to deal with them at some point, but that doesn’t make them any less serious. While you might think it’s okay to ignore that drip-drip-dripping sound for awhile, the truth is that even minor leaks can eventually spiral out of control if you’re not careful. Whether your house has recently experienced damage due to a fire or a storm, or a hole has grown in your ceiling after years of wear and tear, taking care of a leak sooner rather than later is always the best practice. Fortunately, you can count on our water damage restoration professionals to get the job done every time. Keep reading for the top signs of an interior leak, and do not hesitate to call FP Property Restoration for leak detection service in your home.

The Top 5 Signs There’s a Water Leak in Your Home

  1. Wet Patches: The most important and most obvious sign of a leak is visible wet spots anywhere around your home. Look at your walls, ceiling, and backsplash for any wet patches if your home has recently experienced water damage, and if these areas feel soft and moist to the touch, give us a call for leak detection ASAP. It is also common to find plumbing leak spots in your bathroom, typically under sinks, at the base of the toilet, or around the tub.
  2. Foundation & Structural Damage: If a leak has progressed to or past the point where you can see wet spots, it may start to cause larger structural damage, too. Watch out for cracks in your foundation, as well as your walls, ceiling and flooring. Leaks can start to affect your foundation due to severe property damage, as well as careless habits with hoses, laundry machines, and dishwashers, so always pay close attention when using water-related appliances.
  3. Strange Odors: Once a leak has grown on your property for some time, standing water can start to develop, bringing a nasty smell along with it. But you do not even have to spot standing water for this foul odor to manifest. That musty, stale smell could be coming from your pipes, which release odor-causing germs and bacteria if water starts to accumulate. In a worst-case scenario, you could even be dealing with a sewage leak, so watch out for that pungent rotten egg smell that indicates the presence of wastewater. Of course, the other thing that causes bad odors when leaks occur is…
  4. Mold Growth: Where there is excess moisture, mold tends to follow. Mold growth commonly occurs due to leaks in your bathroom, though you can find it in other parts of your property, too, especially dark, dank corners you are not used to visiting. However, whether you are dealing with mold in your attic, basement, kitchen, or even your living room, it is always important to promptly call a professional to get rid of it. At FP Property Restoration, we provide expert mold remediations service, and our technicians are fully licensed and trained to detect a mold problem quickly and present comprehensive solutions to get rid of it.
  5. Rising Water Bills: If a leak persists for long enough, you may start to notice your water bills rising along with it. This may happen slowly at first, but pretty soon, you can end up hemorrhaging money on water costs you can’t account for. That’s why it is always important to keep an eye on your utility bills and call for leak detections service if you notice a sudden spike (especially if that spike is accompanied by any of the signs mentioned above.)

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