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Contents Cleaning 101 - How FP Restoration Saves Your Belongings

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A building is more than the sum of its parts. Homes are more than siding, timber, and drywall; they’re where we stake our claim and build our lives. Businesses are more than lobbies, offices, and file cabinets; they’re our forward operating base for financial success and professional aspirations.

In both homes and businesses, we keep irreplaceable heirlooms, cherished furnishings, and valuable equipment that represents both a significant investment and a means to make a living. So, when disaster strikes, it’s not always enough to just board up windows or replace soggy floorboards. 

To get you back to your life uninterrupted, your contents need saving too. 

Contents Cleaning & Restoration After Any Disaster

At FP Property Restoration, we know how valuable your personal and professional belongings are. That’s why we do everything in our power to save, clean, and restore every item we can. From one-of-a-kind, mid-century modern chairs to utilitarian office furniture, we have the leading-edge methodologies and technologies to restore belongings with mild to moderate damage. 

Unfortunately, not everything can be saved after a flood, storm, or fire. And sometimes, it’s best to let things go. But with the help and knowledge of our contents cleaning specialist, our restoration services may extend beyond your building to touch the things you value most in life. Here’s how we can make you whole again.

Fire Damage Clean Up

Few things in our everyday lives are designed to resist the extremes of fire. And fire, of course, is more than just flames. But even fire damage has its limits. And what the flames miss can often be saved. 

Fire damage naturally leads to smoke damage clean up. At FP Property Restoration, we use the latest laundering, dry cleaning, ozone treatment, and deodorization technology to clean soot and ash from your belongings while eliminating smoke odors too. 

After a fire, time is of the essence. As soon as your structure is safe to enter, our contents cleaning crew will walk through with you to identify salvageable and at-risk items. Then, we’ll remove those items to our own contents cleaning facility where we’ll treat and store them until you’re ready for them once more.

We can deodorize couches completely so you’re not reminded of a painful fire each time you sit down. We can also save rugs, chairs, framed pictures, desks, and specialized equipment too. If it’s discolored or bathed in noxious smoke, we can make it right again and get you back to the life you know and love.

Water Damage Clean Up

Water seems innocent enough, but once it finds a way into your building, it’ll find other ways into your basement, walls, and belongings. Obviously, electronic devices are most at-risk from water intrusion, and unfortunately, low-lying CPUs are often lost after flooding. But with quick action and the right contents cleaning crew, you may be able to save more than you think.

Upholstered items can be dried and laundered if removed quickly enough. Our specialized drying chambers are large enough for most furnishings. Ultrasonic cleaning, ozone treatments, and other methods can extract stinky, dirty water from the deepest cushions or add a reliable shine back to heirloom table legs.

Time is the greatest factor in preserving your belongings after water damage strikes. For both your structure and your belongings, immediate action is required. Don’t wait after a burst pipe or howling storm sends water into your home. Call the contents cleaning professionals at FP Restoration and let us save your stuff in the nick of time.

Couches, Desks, & Heirloom Furniture - FP Can Save It!

After a disaster, safety is paramount. But once things settle down and everyone’s accounted for, it’s time to contact the contents cleaning pros at FP Property Restoration. With swift and decisive action, we can save as many of your belongings as possible, putting you back on the path to resuming life as you know it: uninterrupted.

Take action by calling FP Restoration today at 888-595-1105.

Preserve Your Structure, Your Belongings, & Life as You Know It

Water, fire, and storm damage can leave you feeling completely ruined, even if most of your structure is still standing. But there’s always room for hope, especially with a well-trained, experienced, and responsive restoration company on your side. Your life, your structure, and many of your belongings can be salvaged. Call the professionals at FP Property Restoration and let us help you rebuild your life. To learn more about our contents cleaning services, call us today at 888-595-1105. For water damage in Pensacola, water damage in Fort Myers, and water damage in Sarasota, we’re just one call away!

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