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Do You Need an Inspector for Black Mold in Tallahassee


When it comes to your home in Tallahassee, chances are good that you take your safety and security seriously. You lock your doors when you leave. You don’t give out copies of your keys. You probably have a security system, too. However, chances are good that you over look some areas of home safety, such as the presence of black mold in the home. A mold inspection can help identify this threat to your safety and health. Do you need an inspection for black mold?

Perhaps the single most important sign that you need a mold inspection for black mold (or other types of mold) is that you or a family member are experiencing allergic symptoms that are out of the norm. This can include coughing and sneezing, headaches, dizziness, and other issues.

Another sign that you need a black mold inspection in your home is if you notice stains or discolorations on the walls or ceiling. This can be signs of water damage, and mold may be growing in the wall space or ceiling. The discoloration may even be mold itself beginning to penetrate the sheetrock.

Yet another sign that you need to schedule an inspection for black mold immediately is if you smell mold – it’s a dank, damp odor that is unmistakable.

Have you noticed any signs of mold growth in your home? Do you suspect there’s a water leak? Have you noticed a smell that might be mold? Don’t wait – call FP Property Restoration today at (888) 595-1105 to schedule a professional inspection.

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