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Four Ways to Jumpstart Your Restoration Project

Disasters can happen, and when one does damage to your home or business, you may find yourself struggling for what to do next. Picking up the pieces can seem like a huge project, and that’s why restoration companies like us here at FP Property Restoration exist. However, there are a few things you can do yourself to try and jumpstart the restoration process and make it even faster. When it comes to getting your home back to normal or going back to business as usual, minimizing the amount of time the restoration process takes can make a huge difference.

Here are four ways you can jumpstart your restoration project and get ahead on the cleanup process. Doing so could decrease the amount of time it takes before you’re living your life as you did before.

Keep People Out of the Affected Area

When a part of your home or business sustains serious damage as a result of an accident or catastrophe, a lot of people will probably want to see the damage for themselves. Many will even want to help with the cleanup however they can. However, cleanup and restoration can be a “too many cooks spoil a dish” type of situation where too much help can be a bad thing. People can sometimes inadvertently make problems worse. Sometimes they track the problem to other areas of your home or business, resulting in more areas that need cleaned. Still other problems could be dangerous, such as fire damage or a sewage spill, and thus it’s actually dangerous to someone’s health to allow them too close.

To make matters easier, simply keep as many people away from the damaged area as possible. While you won’t be able to stay away, minimizing foot traffic in the area is safer for everyone and allows crews to work quickly when they arrive to start the cleanup process.

Start Drying Water Damage Immediately

Water damage can spread quickly, take a long time to dry, and all the while cause an abundance of mold and mildew to begin growing in your drywall, flooring, and even the structure of your home. When your home has sustained water damage, repairs often can’t begin until the area has been sufficiently dried out, so thus you’ll want to start the drying process right away. If your home has sustained water damage or even a sewage spill, begin drying the area immediately. Open doors and windows to allow ventilation, and use fans to try and blow air over the affected location. Keeping air moving will help the water dry, and waiting for your home or business to dry takes up a good chunk of time during the restoration process. If you want to make your job a little easier, take the opportunity to start drying the affected area as soon as you discover the damage.

Make a List of Damaged Property

One of the first things you should do when your home or business is damaged is make a list of your possessions that have been impacted. There are several reasons for this, including notifying your insurance company so you can be properly compensated. However, it can also help you ensure that everything that is damaged is properly taken care of. If your project completes and you’re missing a few things, your list should tell you what they are right away. Far better to know than to sit and wonder if everything was returned. Mistakes can happen, but having a proper list of everything that was being properly cleaned and attended to will be sure they’re kept to a minimum and you have everything back as soon as it’s completely cleaned.

Call for Help Right Away—Don’t Wait

Finally, a serious disaster to your home or business is without question an emergency. You may have heard a number of times that companies are available to help you with your cleanup needs and emergency restoration services 24/7, and we’re proud to offer those services here at FP Property Restoration. However, sometimes customers simply don’t pick up the phone simply because it’s the middle of the night or because they think their problem can simply wait until morning. Here’s the thing: by that time the problem may have only gotten worse, and you could be dealing with a lot of damage that could have otherwise been prevented.

When you have a serious emergency, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call for help. We have the tools and materials to not only help remediate problems like water damage, but we can also help prevent the issue from spreading. By calling right away, we could help you save a ton of potential damage. That’s why we encourage all of our customers: don’t wait—call for help as soon as possible.

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