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Is My Home a Flood Risk?


In our last blog, we talked about the risk of wildfires in the state of Florida. Now, we’re going to talk about another kind of natural disaster that can create a hazard for Florida citizens: flooding.

In general, Floridians tend to face a greater risk of floods for one main reason—storms. Particularly during hurricane season, which stretches from June through the end of November, this state and the rest of the Gulf Coast of the United States are more likely to be affected by hurricanes than the rest of the country.

However, hurricanes aren’t the only thing that can put your home or business at risk of flooding. Storm surges, rising rivers, or heavy rainfall can cause your property to flood, too. It’s important to note that you may face a greater chance of experiencing flooding depending on where in the state you live. For instance, the Florida panhandle tends to face extreme flooding during hurricanes. Sarasota County and much of the rest of North Central Florida, on the other hand, don’t tend to experience flooding as much, though given that much of this area is on the coast, there is still risk involved in living here.

Your community may be at greater risk for flooding if:

  • There are rivers and/or creeks nearby
  • Most of the homes/businesses have been built at low elevation
  • You experience intense hurricane seasons

Fortunately, if your home or business is affected by flooding, you can call FP Property Restoration for fast and efficient service. Our North Port restoration experts provide everything from water removal to sewage cleanup, and are available 24/7 for emergency appointments. Our compassionate restoration pros truly care about helping you recover from disasters. We have received national recognition for our response to Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Michael, and have even been honored with the Sedgwick Catastrophe Response Award. If your property is facing extensive water damage following a flood, don’t throw in the towel, just call the professional team at FP Property Restoration.

Dial (888) 595-1105 now for our signature 30 minute response time, or click here to send us a message online.

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