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Odor Removal Services

We get hundreds of calls a year concerning issues revolving around odors that homeowners or business owners are unable to get rid of.

These odors include:

  • Cigarette Smoke Odor
  • Fire Odor
  • Mold Odor
  • Decaying Body Odor
  • Decaying Food or Fish Odor

FP Property Restoration utilizes a number of techniques to rid your home or business of these pesky odors including:

  • Ozone Treatments
  • Thermal Fogging
  • Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Climate Controlled Deodorization

Each odor situation requires a different odor elimination plan. Some odors require a combination of techniques to not only eliminate the odor but to ensure it stays away.

Sometimes the plan requires a complete deep clean of the property from top to bottom using specific techniques designed to reach odors and eliminate them once and for all.

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