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Saturday, 29 December 2018 04:49

Water Damage Repairs in Cape Coral FL | How to Know When You Need Water Damage Repairs

Written by Zach
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When You Need A Water Damage Company When You Need A Water Damage Company

Have you experienced a water intrusion into your Cape Coral home? Perhaps a severe storm or hurricane damaged your roof, allowing rainwater to flood in. Maybe there was a burst pipe. Perhaps the issue had more to do with a slow leak. Whatever the case, water damage repairs are the vital next step, but how do you know what you need. Do you even need water damage repairs?

First, understand that, yes, you do need water damage repairs. If water has entered your home in any quantity, it has caused damage. That damage needs to be addressed. It might be nothing more than replacing a few panels of damaged or stained sheetrock, but in order to return your home to its previous condition, repairs will be needed.

Second, understand that moisture incursions rarely only involve water-related damage. Moist, warm environments are perfectly suited for mold growth, and even a little bit of water can encourage mold to colonize the interior of your home. Mold is unsightly. Mold smells bad. However, it’s the allergic reactions that it causes in people that should be your real worry. Prolonged mold exposure can lead to chronic headaches and cough, chronic fatigue, and even bleeding in the lungs.

If you have experienced any sort of water leak or incursion, you need water damage repairs. Stains on your sheetrock, blistered plaster or paint, peeling paint, visible mold growing in your home, and even just a dank, damp smell are all signs that you need immediate help.

Call the experts at FP Property Restoration to get the help you need. Dial 888-595-1105 to schedule a free assessment.

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