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FP Property Restoration is locally owned national Restoration and Repair Company founded in 2010 by Steve Glozik. In 2010 the company operated as a Restoration Company performing local and national mitigation services as Flood Pros Corp. As our client base grew we expanded our service offerings to include all restoration, cleaning and repair services. During expansion there was an obvious need to change our name to a name the encompassed all of our services: thus FP Property Restoration was born. We continue to offer our disaster cleanup services nationwide with clients all over the country including Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and New York. Even with our national reach and the demand for our services our true focus and dedication lies in providing the highest level of Restoration and Repair service to the state of Florida.

In 2013 FP Property Restoration merged with a renowned local contracting company owned by Michael Brigandi Jr and Jess Andresky to open FP Property Repairs- and offer a complete Restoration and Repairs service that allowed our customers to work with only one company and receive the highest level of service. This merger made FP Property Restoration the leading Restoration and Repair Company in the area. Not a day goes by that the team does not understand how lucky we are to not only be able to provide these services, but to work together every day to continue to build a brand founded on the core idea that when you provide the best services to customers with the highest level of customer service every time good things will come to all.

The FP Property Restoration and FP Property Repair team is a true family. The team's professionals are career restoration and repair men and woman who share a vision and every day continue to build the company.

We are based in Fort Myers Florida with offices in Naples and Sarasota- allowing us to reach all of our customers as fast as possible when called. We have satellite warehouses strategically placed in the Midwest and on the east coast for fast response to large losses throughout the country. We truly are a national Restoration and Repair Company locally owned and located in your backyard!

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