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Lakeland Emergency Water Removal & Water Extraction Service

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Lakeland Water Removal

FP Property Restoration provides a multitude of services pertaining to water damage and intrusion. We perform water extractions, water damage clean-ups and drying services on a daily basis in Lakeland.

Experiencing water damage? No problem – Call FP Property Restoration for emergency water removal services any time of day. We operate 24/7 – 365 days a year, because we understand water damage can happen at any time. If you are experiencing any level of water damage, call FP Property Restoration. Whether you are experiencing a loss at a residential or commercial property, our team of water damage technicians will help you get back on your feet. Being a local company with multiple office allows us to respond to calls in a timely manner.

Below are the steps FP Property Restoration to mitigate water damage:

  1. The first step in any water damage or flood disaster is to extract or remove all standing water. Standing water can be best described as a body or pool of water that has no flow to it.
  2. The second part of the process is to properly dry the property. FP Property Restoration’s team is IICRC certified and held to strict drying standards. We dry properties by placing equipment throughout the residence, and there are certain parameters used to determine how much equipment is needed. The equipment used to combat water damage is: a water extraction unit, air movers (Strong fans) and dehumidifiers. The combination of these pieces, along with the use of moisture meters, allows us to dry properties and confirm the moisture content is acceptable and going down as we dry.
  3. The final portion – is an inspection utilizing moisture meters to confirm the property was dried correctly. This is a key and vital portion of the job. If a property is not dried correctly, it can lead to further issues down the road, including but not limited to mold growth. FP Property Restoration does not remove equipment until we can confidently confirm your property is dried.

FP Property Restoration of Lakeland is a licensed, certified and insured water removal company with ratings and reviews across multiple platforms. Please feel free to check us out on yelp, google and angie’s list.

Contact us for any water damage related services. We are here for you and will make you a top priority.

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water mold-removal-protectin-South-florida Fire-Cleanup-South-Florida commercial-cleanup-services-South-Florida storm-damage-services-south-florida



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