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Leak Detection Services

If you have discovered mold or a mildew smell in your property, whether commercial or residential, it is important to determine if there are any water intrusions that could be the cause of this mold damage. The discovering of the water source is often not as easy as it sounds. Our expert leak detection professionals work hand and hand with our mold experts to locate the issue that is causing the mold. Together the leak detection division and mold division locate the cause then come up with a solution to not only clean up the mold but prevent the ongoing growth or future growth from occurring.

Leak detection is a skill that takes years of developing. Our leak detection professionals have been locating leaks for residential and commercial property owners for years. We will not only locate the leak, we will explain it to a plumbing contractor so that they can repair the leak and prevent any further damage. Our leak detection services will actually save you money on your plumbing repair as we pinpoint the issue for the plumber to perform the repair much faster and easier.

If your mold issue is a homeowner's claim we will provide a very in depth, lengthy leak detection report which in many cases is a requirement of your homeowner's policy.

FP Property Restoration leak detection services are a 24 hour service offered to all of our property owners- residential and commercial.

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