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Mold Inspection

IICRFP Property Restoration offers free in-person mold inspections for both residential and commercial properties. Our mold inspectors will do a thorough inspection of the entire property and identify if there is mold and if so what the cause may be.

In all cases we will recommend a third party air quality test by a third party mold testing company as per Florida state law. An air quality test will reveal what the overall mold levels are in the air compared to the outdoor mold levels. Many times there is no visible mold however an air quality test reveals elevated mold levels in the air that can be harmful to both you and you property.

The results of the air quality test are analyzed by a third party laboratory and overnighted back to us for interpretation. Once we have the results we now have identified the types of mold present and the levels. With this information we can recommend the proper mold remediation methods for you.

At the conclusion of all mold remediation projects we have a third party come back to the property to conduct a follow up air quality test to ensure mold levels were brought down to what is deemed an acceptable level.

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