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How The Repair Process Works

100 smal2l percentFP Property Restoration refers post-restoration repairs to its sister company FP Repairs. FP Property Repairs (CBC1254220) performs hundreds of repairs for property owners each year that have suffered property damage from water, mold or fire. The process is different for cash customers and insurance billed repairs. The process for repairs that are billed directly to your homeowners insurance can be complex for homeowners to understand as it is new to them. FP Property Repairs is available anytime to answer repair related questions and explain the process. Here is a typical process for your homeowners repair process:

  1. Initial Call For Disaster Cleanup
  2. Visit from FP Property Repairs with your cleanup team to go over all the damage so that everyone is on the same page. This is where you will receive your Repair experts direct contact information so that you can contact him/her anytime to answer any of your questions along the way.
  3. FP Property Repairs meets with your insurance adjuster to outline the repairs that are needed so that we can ensure all of the repairs are paid for by your homeowner's insurance carrier. This is a critical meeting one that can speed up the entire repair process if your repair expert is there to work directly with your adjuster.
  4. Review colors, floor types, cabinet types and any other specifics that pertain to your repair project. At this time we also are beginning critical repairs such as drywall repair and any additional deconstruction.
  5. Daily you will receive updates on the repairs and be informed of expectations for the following day.
  6. Repairs are concluded and a walk through is scheduled to go over the entire project. Any additional changes are made at this time.
  7. All repairs are warranted for 3 years.

In this process there is always time for FP Property Repairs to performed additions and upgrades to the project. The area's leading repair team is already at your property- so this is the best time to make those changes and upgrades you have been planning. Allow FP Property Repairs design expert to sit down with you and provide expert advice and leading pricing on any changes you with to make.

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water mold-removal-protectin-South-florida Fire-Cleanup-South-Florida commercial-cleanup-services-South-Florida storm-damage-services-south-florida



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