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Water & Storm Damage Cleanup and Repairs

Property Owners never plan on flooding or storms damaging and destroying their homes or business. The fact is there is never a good time to be victim to flood damage or storm damage. Once your home or business is affected by water there are steps that must be taken immediately to limit the damage. Luckily FP Property Restoration has a plan for any sized water damage. We have cleaned up water damages in thousands of homes and businesses. Whether it's your home or vacation home, or whether it's a university or restaurant- there is not an instance of water damage that we have not been there to help with.

Flood and Storm damage is cleaned and restored in a different method than your average house flood that was the result of a pipe break. Flood water, or rising water is considered category 3 water- which in the restoration industry is the same quality of water as sewage as it contains several potential diseases and germs. We understand the correct way to handle a flood damaged property to mitigate any further damage and to prevent future health risks or mold growth. We are one of the first companies called for flooding assistance throughout the country as our professionals are viewed as industry experts on the correct way to clean and restore flood damaged property.

Storm Damaged properties may have damage that is a result of water, wind and debris. Storm damage cleanup is complex in the fact that it takes an experienced professional to locate all of the damaged areas and put together the proper protocols to mitigate further damage, fix the issues and successfully dry out the damaged areas to prevent future mold. Time is of the essence FP Property Restoration has an entire division dedicated to both flood and storm cleanup to ensure that the moment we step into your property we have a plan to get you back on your feet fast.

Who Have We helped?

  • Thousands of homeowners
  • Property Managers
  • Numerous Storm Victims
  • Keiser University
  • Cape Coral High School
  • Cinegrille Mega Movie Plex
  • Oak Brook Health Center
  • Mainstay Suites
  • Department of Juvenile Justice Centers
  • Amphenol Factory

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water mold-removal-protectin-South-florida Fire-Cleanup-South-Florida commercial-cleanup-services-South-Florida storm-damage-services-south-florida



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