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Water removal

Recovering Quickly

In Lakeland, the relatively low elevation makes the area prone to flooding and the related water damage. A strong storm or even something less predictable like a broken pipe can quickly deluge your home, threatening your belongings. During what is an understandably emotional time, it is important to take the proper steps, pragmatically and in an organized fashion, in order to limit and in some cases completely eliminate the effects of the water damage.

Many homeowners choose to hire a water damage technician when water damage has occurred. Water damage professionals have specialized equipment that can extract the water quickly and efficiently. Once the standing water is eliminated, it is time to remove what was previously submerged by the water.

Carpets have to be pulled up and removed. In some cases, they can be saved. In others, they have to be disposed of. Regardless, it’s important to get them up and out because they tend to absorb and hold water. If the water that’s absorbed inside the carpet is allowed to sit there, mold could form and begin to spread to the parts of the home.

When this is out, it is possible to turn your attention to other valuables that can still be saved. Wooded possessions should be given primary attention because they can absorb water and pose a mold danger later on as well.

In Lakeland, FP Property Restoration has professional grade cleaners and everything else necessary to properly help you and your loved ones recover from water damage. Connect with them via phone at (888) 408-2335 or online at FPRestoration.com.