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Mold remediation

Remediating Mold with Less Risk

It’s hard to avoid. Mold is an omnipresent force in many homes. Often it goes unseen for years, only to be revealed through a musky smell or an odd discoloration on one of your home’s surfaces. Because mold is so versatile, it can grow nearly anywhere. The high humidity of Marco Island makes for a perfect launch pad for mold. Remediating the mold necessitates taking the proper precautions.

The reason why mold is so tricky to clean up is due to the way it spreads itself. Mold releases spores into the atmosphere. These spores then find a new home and start growing more mold. As we walk by, we can inhale these spores. However, the spores don’t usually have to travel very far. When remediating mold, however, you are bound to disturb the mold and send its spores into the air and potentially into your lungs and onto your body.

This is why it is so critical to properly protect yourself and your family when performing mold remediation. The most sensitive areas are the lungs and skin. Cover up completely using gloves and long-sleeved clothing. Wear a face mask with a high enough rating to keep the spores from invading your lungs.

Due to the inherent risks, many homeowners choose to have mold remediation done by professionals who already have the proper equipment and procedures.

In Marco Island, FP Property Restoration has professional grade cleaners and everything else necessary to thoroughly, and safely, remediate mold. Connect with them via phone at (888) 408-2335 or online at FPRestoration.com.