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Home Disinfecting: How to Keep Your Living Areas Clean

During these uncertain times, staying safe and sanitary is of the utmost importance. With COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the country, there’s almost no such thing as taking too many precautionary measures to keep your home and your family safe. While a professional sanitizing service can do wonders for keeping your home cleaner and safer, the best thing you can do is take a few extra steps to keep your home safe and sanitary. Throughout this month, we’re offering a series of different instructions and ideas for how you can keep every room in your house safer and more sanitary. This week, we take a closer look at your living areas.

Sitting Rooms

Sitting rooms differ wildly from home to home. In some homes, a sitting area may seem very limited use. In others, it may be one of the most-used rooms in the home. In either case, our sanitation tips are almost the same, with the lone difference being how often you should follow them and how frequently you should clean.

For sitting areas, the most high-traffic surfaces will undoubtedly be furniture, and usually a sofa or chair. If you have leather or a similar material, use a leather cleaner to disinfect the areas that are touched the most often, including the seat, headrest, armrests, and areas along your back. If you have a reclining section, be sure to disinfect the footrest as well. Be careful when choosing a cleaner—don’t use anything with too much alcohol, bleach, or ammonia in it, as they can damage the material.

If you have a table in your sitting space, like a coffee table, disinfect this as well. Coffee tables not only receive a lot of touch traffic, but in some cases turn into an ottoman or footrest. Feet are a huge source of bacteria, and that means you’ll want to clean these tabletops frequently.

Home Offices

Are you one of the millions of Americans who is working from home during this crisis? Your home office is probably seeing hours and hours of use each and every day. That means it’s extremely important to disinfect it frequently and thoroughly. Focus heavily on the most high-traffic things in the room, and that will almost undoubtedly be any computer keyboards, laptops, computer mice, or other computer equipment in the room. In fact, a keyboard can easily take the cake as quite possibly the dirtiest and most bacteria-loaded surface in your home—yes, even more than your toilet seat.

Disinfecting wipes work great for disinfecting these surfaces, but they should not be used for things like computer monitors or other displays. They make specialized monitor cleaning wipes that are gentle on these delicate surfaces. Finally, you should also wipe down things like landline phones or cellphones in the vicinity. Your cell phone’s screen, particularly if it’s a smartphone, often rivals your keyboard in terms of sheer volume of bacteria that can exist on the surface.

Game Rooms

Do you have a game room in your home? Some people with extra space convert it to a game room where they can entertain guests and enjoy spending time in friendly competition. Whether you’re into poker, video games, or board games, you should spend some time keeping this area clean if you and your family utilize it during this time. It may not be used all that often, but that doesn’t mean bacteria can’t accumulate in here.

Clean all tabletops thoroughly with an appropriate cleaning material. Be careful with any fabric tabletops, as any strong chemicals can ruin the fabric. Likewise, clean any bar surfaces (if you have any), any game controllers, and any furniture like chairs or couches. You should also clean the flooring or carpet in this space, as dust and other tracked-in bacteria are often forgotten about here.

Home Theaters/Entertainment Rooms

Home theaters or entertainment rooms are growing wildly in popularity, as they allow you to enjoy movies or TV in the comfort of a dedicated space. However, because you may spend a ton of time in here, they’re also prone to bacteria spread. As with couches in sitting areas, you should clean any seating in this space thoroughly, particularly the spots that come in contact with your skin. You should also disinfect any remote controls, any high-traffic surfaces like the screens or controls on home theater equipment, and any buttons or controls on projectors.

If your furniture has cup holders in them, remove any inserts and clean and disinfect them thoroughly. These spots are often prone to a ton of bacteria growth purely because so many people forget about that small spill that may have happened. It’s not uncommon to snack in this room, and leftover food is a magnet for bacteria growth.

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