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Five Types of Businesses That Need Professional Disinfecting Services

With COVID-19’s peak in the past, businesses everywhere are preparing to open their doors again, albeit in a mostly limited capacity. With the threat of the virus not completely gone, it is still extremely important to take precautions and make sure you, your employees, and your customers are protected. The best way to do so is to welcome them all back to a facility that has been thoroughly cleaned and properly disinfected in order to eliminate viruses as well as bacteria and potentially other harmful microbes.

Every business could benefit from a professional disinfecting service, however some types of businesses and industries should strongly consider having this treatment done before opening. On this blog, we’ll take a look at five of these types of businesses


It’s little secret that restaurants are itching to open their doors. While many restaurants pushed through our months-long quarantine by remaining open with the minimal staff needed to handle takeout and delivery orders, some restaurants are now receiving permission to open their doors to dine-in guests in a limited capacity. With this being the case, sanitation will be of the utmost importance, and there’s no better way to begin welcoming your customers back than by greeting them with a dining room that has been professionally sanitized.

Over the next several months and years, extra precautions will be in place and certain procedures may never go away. However, one thing is for certain: you’ll want to make sure the areas where your customers can sit and eat will be clean and free from the threat of bacteria or viruses. Cleaning your entire restaurant and then working to keep it clean with regular disinfecting services can even prolong the cleanliness even further!

Recreation & Entertainment

Recreation and entertainment businesses, including gyms, activity businesses, and experience-based businesses like arcades, climbing facilities, and the like, are usually all bound by a common thread: they have things that you as the customer will touch and interact with. Arcades have buttons and joysticks that you’ll push and pull. Go-karts have steering wheels you grab on to and turn. Gyms have weights, bars, ropes, handles, and plenty of other contact points that customers will take into their hands, one after another. By professionally sanitizing all of these various apparatuses before opening your doors again, keeping them sanitized will be much easier, particularly when coupled with additional cleaning procedures and proper social distancing efforts.


Hospitality businesses are businesses that exist to serve customers, including hotels meeting spaces, and more. This is an incredibly broad and diverse scope of businesses, with virtually every business being as unique as the next and having different needs and requirements. However, for many of these businesses, sanitation is extremely important. For example, hotels need clean carpet, clean furniture, clean peripherals (telephones, TV remotes, coffee makers, and the like), and clean fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers. Having a hotel professionally sanitized means you can give your guests total peace of mind that the place they’re staying is clean, safe, and sterile for their protection.

Beauty & Grooming

With so many people being closed in their homes for such a long time, grooming has become increasingly difficult. This is particularly true when it comes to hair, as barbers and salons have been closed, prohibiting the average person from being able to get a haircut. While these industries are already heavily reliant on sanitation standards to ensure customer safety, they are particularly important now with the added virus risk. While preventative measures like social distancing and mandatory masks are one thing, professional sanitization can help you protect the health and well-being of both your employees and your customers as things slowly progress back to normal.

Retail & Shopping

Finally, one of the last types of business to re-open are those retail stores that were not designated as “essential.” This might include clothing stores, specialty shops, and so much more. All of these types of businesses share something in common with recreation and entertainment businesses: they are full of things that people will touch, feel, and eventually put back down. Even though most people are more cognizant of what they touch and are actively making efforts to avoid touching things if not necessary, touching and replacing is unavoidable. Before opening up once again, professional sanitization can make sure everything from merchandise to needed equipment are all clean and safe.

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