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Thermal Imaging

FP Property Restoration utilizes Infrared Thermal Imaging (IR) technology to conduct inspections of homes, businesses and condos to take the guess work out of inspections. The technology is used to uncover water damage sources or as routine scheduled maintenance inspections to ensure there are no unknown issues.

Our technicians all are equipped with thermal imaging cameras in the field. The combination of thermal imaging units, moisture detection devices and the highest level of IICRC training gives FP Property Restoration technicians the ability to best diagnose and issues in your home or business related to moisture.

If you have an insurance claim we strongly urge you to only use a restoration company that is equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras. This technology is valuable evidence for your insurance claim and can be the difference of thousands of dollars in reimbursement for your damage.

If you are purchasing a house or commercial property an infrared thermal inspection takes away any uncertainties about the condition of the property. Call us anytime to schedule such an inspection, or if you wish to set up a highly recommended routine preventative maintenance infrared inspection.

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