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Mostly Asked Questions about Mold Removal

Do you suspect that mold might be growing inside your Fort Myers home? It’s more likely than you might assume – mold just needs a little moisture, and a little heat in order to thrive. Something as simple as a minor water leak from a pipe could create the ideal environment for mold to grow. Removal is imperative, but you might have a few questions about mold removal that need to be answered.

Is All Mold Dangerous?
No, all mold is not dangerous. In fact, you’re in contact with some types of mold almost all the time. However, black mold, the type that is most likely to colonize your Fort Meyers home, can be particularly dangerous, especially for those with allergies.

Will Mold Removal Damage My Home?
There is the chance that some materials in your home have already sustained damage and will need to be replaced. Sheetrock and insulation are the most common materials that need to be replaced.

Will Mold Removal Stop My Problem?
Unless combined with leak detection and repair, mold removal is just a temporary measure. Ultimately, excess moisture is the cause of mold growth, and it must be permanently eliminated to prevent mold from returning.

Can I Perform Mold Removal on My Own?
It’s not recommended that you tackle mold removal on your own. It can be very difficult to determine the extent of the problem, and as mentioned, you also need to ensure that the source of moisture is located and repaired.

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