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Major Tips For Mold Removal

Moisture in any concentration can set up a perfect environment for mold to thrive within your Tallahassee home. Roof leaks, leaking pipes, flooding, even an improperly sealed foundation can all allow moisture to invade your home, creating the perfect conditions for mold to get a foothold. If you notice mold in your home, it’s important that you take immediate action. Here are a few tips to help with mold removal.

Check Insulation

If you notice mold on your walls, chances are good that it’s coming from outside the home. A leak from the exterior into the interior wall space can cause mold to eventually grow on your sheetrock, but you need to do more than replace the sheetrock. Remove it, and then inspect the insulation for mold. You may need to replace the insulation as well.

There’s Always a Source

While mold removal is an important first step, it’s not the only one you should take. There is always a cause of mold growth, and that’s usually a source of moisture. You will need to locate and identify the leak so that you can put a stop to mold growth permanently. This could be in your roof, in the walls, in the floor or from a pipe.

Replace, Don’t Restore

In many cases, you’ll find that items contaminated by mold must be replaced, and cannot be restored. For instance, porous building materials like sheetrock, plywood, baseboards, crown molding and the like should all be replaced, not restored.

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