Have you experienced a burst water pipe in your Fort Myers home? Perhaps a storm blew through and damaged your roof, allowing water inside. Maybe you’ve suffered from local flooding. Whatever the cause, you’re now dealing with the after-effects of water incursion. It’s important to understand the most common types of water damage, and what must be done to repair or remediate the issue.

Perhaps the single most common type of water damage is sodden carpeting. In most cases, the carpeting in the affected area will need to be pulled up after removing as much water as possible, as will the padding underneath. These will need to be dried, and the subflooring will need to dry with the help of forced air.

Another common type of water damage is to sheetrock. In most instances, sheetrock will need to be replaced. Once it has been inundated with water, it will not return to its previous state. There’s also the fact that sheetrock left after a flooding event or other water incursion will not dry very quickly, and will likely harbor mold. This applies to sheetrock on both the walls and the ceiling

Another common type of water damage in a home is to the flooring. Wood flooring will swell and can buckle, while subflooring can also be damaged by water. Drying may help these return to their previous conditions depending on the severity of the water incursion, but replacement is often necessary.

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