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Four General Sanitation Tips Every Business Should Follow

Businesses everywhere will be opening their doors to customers again soon, and if you own a business that has been shut down during this pandemic, that very likely could include yours. There’s a good chance you’re eager to get back to work and welcome customers for the first time in weeks or even months, but that doesn’t mean you can just throw caution by the wayside. The peak of COVID-19’s danger may have passed, but the threat has not completely subsided and that means you still need to take safety precautions.

When it comes to safety over the next several weeks and months, the absolute top priority should be cleanliness, sanitation, and protecting those who visit and work in your business. That means following important sanitation procedures and keeping your most crucial parts of your business clean and safe for everyone to use. Fortunately, doing so doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as some people think. Here are four easy-to-follow sanitation tips that will help your business remain healthy and productive during this reopening process.

Identify Your Highest-Traffic Areas

There are different parts of every business that receive a ton of traffic, either from employees or from customers. From a customer perspective, this includes things like door handles, credit card machines and keypads, and plumbing fixtures like flush handles on toilets or knobs on bathroom sinks. For employees, this may be things like scanners, computer displays, mice and keyboards, door handles to employee areas, and so much more. Every business is unique, and thus every business is going to have different peak-traffic areas.

Make a list of whatever yours might be. Identify what areas on that list can potentially have their usage reduced or avoided altogether during the next few weeks to few months. Areas that cannot have their usage reduced or avoided should be marked for more frequent cleaning and disinfecting. That means reach out to your cleaning material supplier and stock up on things like disinfecting wipes and cleaning spray.

Determine What PPE Is Necessary & Have It On-Hand

Personal protective equipment is incredibly necessary during this challenging time. From masks that you see people wearing all over the place to latex gloves designed to protect your hands, PPE is a vital part of life at the moment. This is particularly true for business owners who need to make sure their employees are protected, both from customers and guests, and for the courtesy of those same customers and guests. This will not only ensure your employees are at as reduced of a risk as possible, but customers will also enjoy peace of mind of knowing that the businesses they are visiting are taking their safety seriously.

Review Your Procedures & Eliminate Unnecessary Risks

This is a great opportunity to take a closer look at your cleaning and sanitation procedures and determine what changes need to be made. Risk is a part of life, but there may be no better time than now to reduce the risk of illness as much as possible. Take a look at everything from how your business is set up to different procedures you have for everything from normal operation to cleaning. If you can spot any areas that can be improved to reduce risk, then now is the time to at least experiment with those changes and see if they negatively impact your business. If they don’t, then you may have found a better way of doing things, at least in the short term.

Keep Up with Cleaning to Avoid Serious Cleaning Jobs

One of the worst things about cleaning is that it can take forever. However, you can shorten the cleaning process by continually doing it bit by bit each and every day. Keeping up on your cleaning and not allowing things to get out of hand not only keeps your business safer for employees and customers, but dramatically reduces the amount of time you have to spend doing so.

Think of it sort of like having to do a huge assignment while at school. If you do it bit by bit, then you’ll find you’re done with it far faster. However, if you continue to put it off, then you found yourself with a mountain of work that needs to be done the night before it’s due, and you’re stuck doing it while miserable and frustrated. The result of this second option is usually an assignment that isn’t done nearly as well either. Stay ahead, stay on top of your cleaning, and you’ll find your business stays cleaner and you spend less time and effort keeping things safe and sanitary for everyone.

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