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How Does Dehumidification Work?

In Florida, we’re all intimately familiar with the humidity. It’s a fact of life, and while it can be uncomfortable, most of us have learned to deal with it. However, when your home has experienced water damage, excess humidity levels can also pose a severe threat to your property. That’s why FP Property Restoration offers professional dehumidification service to protect your home following floods, storms, and all other types of water damage. Keep reading to learn how dehumidification works, and never hesitate to call our restoration technicians day or night.

Our Dehumidification Process

Dehumidification is the process of removing humidity or water vapor from the air. The purpose of this is to ensure any rooms that have experienced water damage do not continue to suffer from temperature fluctuations as well as stale, stagnant air. Dehumidification is a function of many standard HVAC systems and additional, stand-alone dehumidifiers. However, for properties that have experienced severe water damage, a professional hydrometer may be necessary to properly dehumidify your home.

Dehumidification not only protects your home from the immediate effects of water damage, it is also important to prevent ongoing, water-related issues. For instance, one common side effect of water damage is fungus and mold growth. At FP Property Restoration, our licensed mold remediation team can provide dehumidification service to help get rid of mold following extensive water damage or that has simply accumulated over time due to poor moisture control. Mold growth in combination with humidity can also lead to corrosion and structural problems for your property, which is why for the sake of your entire household, you should never hesitate to call for professional dehumidification services.

At FP Property Restoration, our dehumidification process involves:

  • Using hygrometers to measure overall humidity.
  • Employing a range of dehumidification equipment, including one-room units to trailer-mounted desiccant dehumidifiers to dry large commercial buildings.
  • Ongoing, daily monitoring of humidity levels to ensure the dehumidification process is being completed accurately.

When You Need the Job Done Right, Call FP Property Restoration

In addition to dehumidification service, FP Property Restoration offers all the other options to take care of water damage that you could need. Prevent water-related problems before they spiral out of control with thermal inspections and leak detection. Call for standard water removal or sewage cleanup to keep your property safe and operational, even following the most extreme disasters. We have a reputation for getting the job done right, and as award-winning restoration providers, you know you are always going to be in great hands when you hire our experts at FP Property Restoration.

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